The central page on the topic of forced marriage:

Nationwide counselling centres. Information for persons concerned and professionals

Welcome to this website run by TERRE DES FEMMES, a German non-profit and non-governmental organisation (NGO) that works for the rights of women and girls.

Since 2009, this website has been providing information about forced marriage and other types of violence done in the name of honour.

TERRE DES FEMMES does not directly provide counselling to those affected, but offers an → overview of counselling centres in Germany that are specialised in dealing with violence done in the name of honour and forced marriage. This website aims to be a central place for people who are threatened or affected by such issues, as well as for so-called »helping third parties« – teachers, pedagogues or employees from different authorities who want to make themselves familiar with possible specific warning signs and who are searching for more information about the topic. It is meant to make it easy to find nearby help and advice quickly and clearly.

If you are looking for help on the interactive map, you can choose the state (called »Bundesland«) where you live. Then you can optionally select whether you are looking for a counselling centre for girls and women (»Nur für Frauen und Mädchen«) or for boys and men (»Nur für Männer und Jungen«). If you urgently need to leave your family or surroundings and require accommodation, you can also click the filter »Shelter available« (»Schutzeinrichtung vorhanden«). This will give you an overview of various facilities in your state that you can contact.

However, it is not compulsory to contact a counselling centre in your region or state – you can choose any centre you like.

If you do not speak German, we either recommend to select another language in your browser or to use one of the usual online translators to translate the page into your language. Additionally, you can see which languages the counselling centres offer assistance in. → You can also find our flyer »STOP Child Marriage« in many different languages here.